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Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman s Breast with Tweezers

Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman s Breast with Tweezers

The maggots that infested this woman s breast are botfly larvae. They re dirty little parasites the eggs of which get into the bloodstream after an infected mosquito bites a human and live there, feeding off of your cells until they hatch and continue with their larval development by enjoying the warmth of your body under the skin. In order to breath, the larvae chew up holes in the skin and poke their heads out from time to time, which is where it gets creepy cause that s when you as a host realize that you are being munched on by botfly larvae.

It s quite a shit luck if you re a woman and maggots settle underneath the areola of your breast. There s hardly anything less attractive that could happen to your breasts, even though it s just a temporary disfigurement.

The in-the-bush treatment for botfly larvae is manual removal with tweezers. Suffocate them a bit by taping the hole with a duct tape or anything else that can properly seal it air tight, forcing the maggots towards the surface, grab them by the tail and pull that shit out. Nasty buggers. Video of the botfly larvae removal by tweezers from a woman s breast is below:

Turns out these may not be botfly larvae, but rather larvae of Cordylobia Anthropophaga aka tumbu fly or the mango fly, a species of blow-fly common to parts of Africa. Thanks Buffsmom.

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