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Australian coins

Coins and banknotes can be given as a gift, appreciated for its history or can be taken up for investment purposes. Coin collecting is very interesting and a lot of fun. Each coin hold different values that many be due low mintage figures or due to its high demand by coin collectors. Grading is a gray area so good judgment is required in any purchase. World coins and banknotes are also worth while to have in a collection as you go. Collecting gold coins are valuable as bullion as well as due to its dates. Links straight to gold and silver prices as well as links for both currency exchange rates and currency converters are given.

The aim of this site is to general summary of Australian coins and banknotes that are out there paying particular attention to what may pose most potential for increasing in value for investment purposes. Hence, this is a new practical guide to collecting Australian coins and banknotes. This is my focus as I believe making the right choices is quite a hard one. It is important to keep note of all issues but its the selection from all those issues that makes a difference. A balance between research and knowing what has potential to increasing in value is hard. This is a good point to start off at when considering purchasing items. Also this site allows you you look up key dates and banknote signature types that are most commonly sort after. Hence, the dates or signature combinations outlined here are most likely to increase in value. General summaries of Australian coins and banknotes are given out time and time again but I have condensed the information in a form that is easy to understand and refer to.

Under certain Australian Coin and Banknotes I have introduced a Price summary where ever possible on some coins and banknotes that I have considered to pose the greatest investment potential. Prices are variable and are ESTIMATES . It is also up to the buyer to evaluate how much you are willing to pay for a particular type of coin or banknote. The prices listed here are from my experiences and what collectors are currently paying for them in general within a particular year. Price guides are in my opinion only. I have noted down the value range of the cheapest examples of high potential investment coins and banknotes or affordable examples at a top grade to get a general idea of what you might expect to pay. This may help to budget on spending wisely.

I also tried to make this site collector friendly so that you are able to look up a particular issue of coins and its key dates together. This also helps to understand the types of issues to collect and dates to look out for . It is hard to accumulate all key dates and banknote signature combinations so be selective and progress from there !!

There are many types of coin and banknotes. Australian pre decimal and decimal issues are interesting. Within most coin categories there are proofs, varieties ( ie. 2000 $1/20c MULE ) and sets to be made. First and Last Prefixes are also popular to collect. Certain material can get a little expensive especially when a higher grade pre decimal coin or banknote are involved. King George V predecimal banknote issues have soared in price and are very hard to obtain in some cases. Another issue that is investment worthy are star notes.

This site includes articles of different coins to aid your collecting research. The site also has eBay links to view coins for sale at any time you like. This makes searching for coins and banknotes easy. Don’t forget to see what I have on offer !!

When it comes to looking after a coin or banknote the best method is to not touch it. In my opinion, the best way to maintain a coin or banknote is to put it coins in a 2 by 2 holder or banknote pockets that are acid free. Leave the coin in its purchased form so that it should remain in its original condition. Every collector has there own way.

There are many reasons why you should invest in coins and supporting links by kjc tell us why. View there pdf. As they suggest, security, stability, profit.

Note: that all information listed on my web site pages are in my opinion only and from books of know numismatic knowledge. I do not take any responsibility for any errors or possibly misleading information.


A new practical guide to collecting

Australian coins and banknotes

Australian coins

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