May 17 2019

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New jersey became a state

New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane

Greystone, as of writing this, has been demolished.

I have been there many times myself, and I enjoy it each time.
Massacre Mill Haunted Trail (Ansonia)- This is a rather new haunt located just north of Greenville.
A family farm for generations it also became home, uninvited perhaps, to American history.

First, thank you so much for these photos They are so interesting, and for me, wonderful research! So thank you. I am writing a play loosely based on the experiences (or presumed experiences) of my mother, who lived in NJ in the late 60s through the 70s and who on several occasions had to be institutionalized for mental disorders (bipolar, primary, though then called manic depression). She has long since died (1999), so I am piecing the story together with the help of family and family friends. But I am looking to get some background on the experience of women in mental health institutions generally in the 60s and 70s, especially in New Jersey. If anyone who was in this institution would be willing to speak with me (or write, as I am currently living in New Delhi, India, and not an easy phone call away), I’d be deeply grateful. I want to understand this experience from as many perspectives as I can — nurses, doctors, patients, families of people who were at these institutions. So if you were attached in any way to an experience at this institution or one like it in NJ, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to write to me at [email protected] Thank you. Bonnie

greystone is by far the most amazing and darkly beautiful place i have ever taken photos of, the key to getting in without an issue is the underground tunnels starting in the machinery shop. the place just is oddly meant to be explored, 673,000 feet in the main kirk building can give you literally days of exploring ( was the largest building under one roof until the pentagon in 1943) respirators are a must, mad asbestos is everywhere, ranging from totally destroyed to immaculate the place is a total wonder of history and time. its truly sad they are tearing down the place this spring, the underground tunnels run throughout the entire property its pretty wild. respect the place, dont destroy things and enjoy literally one of the most incredible architectural , historical and absolutely creepy places imaginable

I’ve tried a couple times to get in but failed, I didn’t get arrested but then again my brother is a cop in a surrounding town. However, recently I went to Letchworth Village in Theills, NY. CREEPY! It’s all completely open (the main asylum) some building are boarded up. But it’s a park and you can just park your car and walk in, people are in there taking pictures and going on adventures all the time! There’s a whole abandoned village to walk through (hence the name). There’s a factory, hospital, morgue, the actual asylum. Ghost Adventures did an episode there as well. Hope this helps anyone in need of some urbn exploration haha!

my friends mother used to be a nurse there we found paper work with her name on it we used to explore alot of places clinton rd ,old castle,greystone was scary this was back in the 80’s we ran into some sort of coven there one night .we went to leave and there is only one way to get out i remember left @the fork took you to local road back to a county rd right at fork took you around the whole complex ,we went left and somehow we wound up back where we started ,so we decided to go right just in case we were wrong but thats how we found out the right went around complex ,finally got back to where we started again!! took left fork and finally got out it was crazy.

I actually went to do photography at Greystone because it’s about 10 minutes away from my house and the policeman threatened to arrest me for trespassing. so unless you want a criminal record, stick to your google images. The Guthrie story is cool though.

Does anyone know if this building is still there/explorable? I’ve been looking to start doing some urban exploration, having trouble finding places nearby though. Feel free to contact me through my tumblr ( if you know anything about this building or any in the ocean county area. Thanks!

i was a patient at greystone parks curry building in 1970 when i was 16 years old i was 0n wards 12 6 8 4 and i would like to talk about my stay there and the people i was with i have alot to share ithankyou for your time my number is 201 421 7912 thanks again

What is the current state of the Kirk and has anyone been inside recently? The photography is amazing, I would like to see more photos if any are out there. Has anyone had any supernatural experiences or is it just an old abandoned asylum? I have yet to see the Ghost Adventures show, so I do not know what occurred while they were there. Any info would be great. Thanks

Just wanted to ask admin how old this gallery is? also has anyone been recently as i know its gotten pretty trashed as is always the case with these losers that destroy these places but im planning to make a trip as it is one of the handful of kirks still standing so any info or help would be great, thanXx.

I’ve been fascinated by some urbex pictures I saw on Flickr and after a little research, I discovered the abandoned Greystone Asylum, not far from my place. The building is amazing and the frozen life inside, fascinating.
The chapel at the upper floor was a big surprise. It was late in the afternoon, I didn’t see any sheriffs around.
I might return, some sunny day. Meanwhile I have uploaded a few pics on my Flickr stream

Youre a great photographer, i admire your courage, over here old building are quickly demolished, its he Dutch nature to tidy up everything, but it takes away a very preciousdimension in architectural history and plain storytelling. I frequently whatch sites like this, but this asilum is the bes, and if we would have ruins like this in my country I surely would explore them, you can clearly see the difference between the Netherlands, and fi Belgium, wich is our neighbouring country ; they leave buildings decay in peace, a good building deserves it.
Keep up the good work, ill be watching
jan wiedemeijer

I visited Greystone last weekend with my twin sister. We recently started our own paranormal research team, T.W.I.N.S. . We drove up on the site via the back, which also passes by the “new” Greystone Mental Hospital, called Greystone Park. We drove along the side of the main building and saw the warning signs that it was the property of the State of New Jersey. We hesitated, turned around, then saw a sign saying Central Park, so we went in. The entire front part of the property is now a town park, with baseball fields, ice hockey rink, etc. It’s kind of strange because there’s even a bus stop there, which is right in front of the mainl building, no fences. We parked in one of the lots in the public park, then walked along the left side of the buildings along an access road. We walked alongside the buildings on the left and found a courtyard that was fenced, but the fence was open at the back. We peeked in and I saw two doors. I walked in a little ways and saw the door ajar. Every door and window before that had been nailed shut. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We went up to the door, and found it open. We then entered and spent a few hours, which wasn’t nearly enough, only got through the first half and only a few floors and got as far as the main entrance building and the chapel. There’s lots of asbestos tiles that are littering the floors, so wear a mask if you go. Wear good closed shoes, bring flashlights and necessary recording equipment if you’re serious about ghost huntiing. We will be going back again soon, and will be spending much more time there, hopefully getting through to the other half we didn’t get to. It’s very creepy, very old. I want to go into the basement and check it out. Yes, it’s patrolled, we saw a cop car pass, but if you’re discreet, look lke you’re at the park, you won’t have a problem. Of course a night time visit is different as the park closes at dusk unless there’s a event going on, your parked car would set off alarms. Now, if I can get my pictures uploaded to this site, I’d love to share. I’ve been a professional photographer for 22 years so I did get some great shots. The thing is, I was so entranced, I didn’t take half as many as I should have. It was very overwhelming first time through.

Voy a dar mi opinión en español, la podría dar en inglés, pero en la red hay gente bilingüe: la sugestión es poderosa y puede más que la realidad; si el marco es suceptible incide en la percepción por alta sensación produciendo apariciones a la misma persona pero nunca en el medio. No vean más allá de donde en términos globales no hay nada.

Well, as of this year, supposedly most of Greystone has now been renovated by the state or been demolished (if not being used). After watching Ghost Adventures, I researched it and found this out. So if you trespass now, you’re doing so on state property. Just thought I’d warn y’all.

Simply spectacular photography. The old TV in the hall got my attention and got me wondering what major events were watched on that set. It appears to be from the early 60s so it broadcasted the Vietnam war nightly. The Kennedy assassination? Probably. The assassination of Martin Luther King & Robert Kennedy? Yep. The Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spaceflight programs, the moon landings, Watergate & the resignation of Richard Nixon, Disco, American Bandstand, ABBA, M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, The Waltons, Gilligan’s Island, Bonanza, the Reagan years, the list goes on and on.

I’ve visited Greystone a couple of times back in 2001-2003. We went very late at night, dressed all in black and only brought flashlights with us. One person had a backpack. We were able to enter through a very small broken window on the first floor which put us into a round room completely covered with windows, so I’m guessing it was a sun room of sorts. Leaves scattered the floor.

We walked down the hallway and noticed an open room to our right. It was filled with filing cabinets and a really old light-box.. Within the filing cabinets and strewn about the room were hundreds if not thousands of manila envelops with numbers on the outside of them. Those numbers were the patient’s identity and within the envelopes were large negatives of photos. From what I could tell there was on taken when they entered the hospital and one taken when they were finally released. Some envelopes contained more than one set of photos and some only had the admittance photo so you know they either died there or were never released. It was very ominous being in that room. It was like their souls were in those envelopes.

We walked around a lot of the hospital..but i know we barely covered half of it. Everything there was intense. Things left just as they were when it closed. Very old wooden wheel chairs, iron singer sewing machines on their wooden tables, operating tables, water-electroshock therapy tubs. So many things.. The peeling lead paint and scent of mold was overwhelming but we were so curious and intrigued by everything around us.

At one point we were on either the second or third floor and came across records strewn across the hallway corridor floor. I thought it was records of people that worked there, but I cannot remember. Full identity information was on them including name, date of birth, full sets of finger prints, date and some even stated “colored” or “negro” depending on the year. Some of these were as old as the 1930s from what I remember.

Walking further upstairs which in some stairwells was a bit of a dangerous feat, There was an old piano decaying in what almost looked like an attic. Going through the underground tunnels was musty and wet. But they were definitely there and very confusing. It would be very easy to get lost in them.

I really wish I was able to go to Greystone during the day as I would have loved to take pictures for myself, but these on your site are absolutely wonderful and bring back many memories. Thank you for posting this site.

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