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#Ohio became a state in 1953 / #Video

#Ohio #became #a #state #in #1953

#Ohio became a state in 1953 / #Video, REMMONT.COM

Ohio became a state in 1953

Ohio became a state in 1953

Ohio State, under Woody, has been the only Big Ten school to play in four-consecutive Rose Bowls; the 1972-73-74 & ’75 seasons. Twice Buckeyes won a conference record 17-consecutive league games under Coach Hayes.

During Hayes’ tenure fifty-six players were selected All Americans; in addition, two players won three Heisman Trophys, three more won the Outland Trophy and two the Lombardi Trophy.

“His conservative style of predominantly running the ball at the opponents is known as ‘three yards and a cloud of dust.’ Woody believed that the pass should be used as an element of surprise; ‘There are three things that can happen when you pass, and two of them ain’t good,’ he said. Woody won with preparation; he was a notorious perfectionist who paid close attention to every minute detail. He brought his experiences from the Navy into his coaching style; when teams played a Woody Hayes-coached Buckeye team, they had to be ready to face the toughest, strongest, most determined, most disciplined, and most prepared team that they’d be facing that season. His work ethic was harder than any competitor; he would commonly watch tapes and prepare into wee hours of the morning.”

The Hayes temper is a thing of legend. Woody would commonly explode into verbal assaults at coaches and players, but he would also be the first to congratulate someone when they performed well. He was famous for throwing and destroying objects; he would always throw his hat, destroy his watch, and stomp on his glasses when he got angry. He would throw anything he could get his hands on. One his favorite projectiles was a water jug that was always on his desk. It was always left empty, and the equipment manager would always have six replacement jugs available for the ones he broke. One time, he even hurled a film projector towards assistant coach Bill Mallory.

“There was also a side of Woody — a side that he even tried to hide — that was as compassionate, caring and loving as anyone. He would cry at the slightest hint of sentimentality. He was the first to visit injured players when they were sent to the hospital, and while he was there, he would drop in other rooms and talk to other patients. During the energy crisis, he would walk to work to save energy, and he sold his car because he thought his family was contributing too much to the crisis. One time, he learned of an ex-player that was going to drop out of Harvard Medical School. Hayes learned of it, and despite being right in the middle of a crucial and busy time in the recruiting season, he caught a plane to Massachusetts, walked in the room unannounced, and convinced the ex-player to stay in school. Not only did the ex-player make grades and graduate, but he went on to become the chief of neurosurgery at a prestigious Midwestern medical school.” (Some Excerpts from

His career would fatefully draw to a close with his blow to a Clemson player, noseguard Charlie Bauman, in the 1978 Gator Bowl. Bauman had just intercepted freshman quarterback Art Schlichter’s short pass over middle on the 18, as Buckeyes, trailing by two, were driving for the go ahead score with just under two minutes to play. There was a firestorm of criticism across the country, and embarrassed university leaders were forced to take action. The next morning after the 17-15 defeat, Hayes was fired. He never coached again. (He also never apologized to Bauman for hitting him.)

Hayes’ punch gave OSU easy out
December 2, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch – “. There is no way to know exactly what would have happened with Hayes if he hadn’t slugged Clemson’s Charlie Bauman on the OSU sideline after the nose guard’s crucial interception near the end of the game. But by morning, Hayes was gone and with him went any chance of his career turning into a Bowden-Joe Paterno-style campout. “

A favorite story in Ohio is about a man who went to heaven, where at a football game he saw a fat old man in a baseball cap jumping up and down on sidelines.

“Who is that madman?” the new arrival asked St. Peter.

“That’s God,” St. Peter replied. “But he thinks he’s Woody Hayes.”

Ohio State paid tribute to Hayes in a ceremony at halftime of Buckeyes’ game against Texas, on September 10, 2005. New Athletic Director Gene Smith proposed the large, three-section tribute to honor Coach Hayes in Ohio Stadium, where he roamed the sideline and his teams brought glory and legend to Ohio State football. A simple block ‘O’ fills left section of the memorial, Hayes’ name and years he coached are in middle section and on right is recognition of his Big Ten and national titles. It is located near where Ohio State has recognized Heisman winners, at closed end of stadium on the facing of C deck.

Hayes’ longtime wife, Anne, was once asked if she’d ever considered divorcing Woody. Her response was: “Divorce, no. Murder, yes.”

Woody Hayes once said that when he died, he wanted it to be on 50-yard line at Ohio Stadium. Instead, he succumb in his sleep to a heart attack at his home in a Columbus suburb on March 12, 1987. He was 74.

To most Buckeye fans, Woody will always will be the very essence of Buckeye football.

He may be gone but his legend will for eternity live on and his achievements will forever serve as the measuring stick against which all OSU head coaches are judged.

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#Ohio became a state in 1953 / #Video REMMONT.COM

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