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Sell Your Off-Brand Graded Rare Coins

Rare coin dealers regularly purchase coins that have been graded or certified by the major rare coin certification companies such as PCGS, NGC and ANACS.

However, there are a multitude of lesser-known coin grading companies, many of whom are considered less reputable. Many of the grading services listed below are known for inflating the grades of their coins, as well as ignoring a number of grading criteria addressed by the major companies, such as cleaning or environmental damage. Because of this, some dealers are reluctant to purchase coins graded by these “off-brand” companies, and if they do make an offer, it is well below the true value of the coin. Our buyers are experts at grading and pricing coins, allowing us to give you an accurate value on your material regardless of the grading service.

To give you an example of the kind of precision necessary to establish an exact grade for a coin, we have provided links to the PCGS and NGC coin grading standards below.

These grading standards are much more exacting than those of other grading services, making the grades assigned by PCGS and ANACS much more accurate. This translates into more confidence for the collector, and a higher value for the coin.

Discover the True Value of Your Rare Coins

Our buyers have the experience, knowledge and tools to provide an accurate appraisal of your material. Every working day they handle all types of coins and bullion, giving them a familiarity with rare coins that few professional dealers or collectors possess. A proper coin appraisal requires making use of all available sources of information, which many coin dealers fail to do. Combining expert grading with proper market research means you get the strongest offer the coin market allows.

If you are ready to sell your collection, or have any questions about how the process of selling your off-brand certified coins can benefit you, please call us toll-free at 1-800-622-5680 or contact us .

Selling Your Coins is Simple With American Rarities

Selling your graded coins need not be complicated or time-consuming. Simply email us an inventory list and/or pictures of your coins, or call us and let us know what you have. One of our buyers will immediately begin the process of evaluating and pricing your coins.

In many cases, it is an easy matter to have one of our expert coin buyers stop by for a personal visit. We will evaluate your coins, provide you with a free coin appraisal, and give you a no-obligation cash offer to buy. If a visit is not possible for any reason, we offer a fully insured mail-in service as well.

Off Brand or Non-Main Stream Rare Coin Certification Services

  • ACC – American Certified Coins
  • ACCGS – American Coin Club Grading Service
  • ACGS – American Coin Grading Service
  • ASA or ACG – AccuGrade, Inc.
  • ANI – American Numismatic Institute
  • Blanchard
  • Capitol Coin Grading Service
  • CCCS – Canadian Coin Certification Service
  • CCG – Colonial Grading Company
  • CGSOA – Coin Grading Service of America
  • CSI – Certified Silver Investments
  • DGS – Dominion Grading Service
  • EAGC – Eastern American Grading Company
  • ENGS – Elite Numismatic Grading Service
  • GCS – Global Certification Service
  • GCGS – Global Coin Grading Service
  • Hallmark Coin Grading Service
  • ICCS – International Coin Certification Service
  • ICG – Independent Coin Grading Company
  • IGS – International Grading Service
  • INB – International Numismatic Bureau
  • INCS – International Numismatic Certification Service
  • INGS – International Numismatic Grading Service
  • INS Authentication Bureau
  • NAC – Numismatic Authentication Service
  • NAGC – Numismatic Assurance Grading Corp
  • NCGS – National Coin Grading Service
  • NCI – Numismatic Certification Institute
  • NCS – Numismatic Conservation Service
  • NES – Numismatic Evaluation Service
  • NNC – National Numismatic Certification
  • NPG – Numismatic Professional Grading
  • NTC – NumisTrust Corporation
  • PCGA – Premier Coin Grading and Authentication
  • PIC – Paramount International Coin Corp
  • PICC – Pacific International Coin Collectable
  • PNGL – Professional Numismatic Grading Laboratory
  • SEGS – Sovereign Entities Grading Service
  • SGS – Star Grading Service
  • USCG – US Coin Grading Service
  • WCG – World Coin Grading

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